Friday, October 24, 2008

Quilting and Movies...In Bruges

Seldom do I write 2 posts, if ever, in one day.  Today it's rainy and lovely because Kentucky needs rain so much.  Last vestiges of summer attempt to locate the sun.  Tree bark stands contrastingly beautiful to the fall color surroundings.  

It's a perfect day to watch a movie and make a quilt.  

The quilt part you already know-hey it's a king size, 1 inch hex's-so you know what I'm doing for a while.  And the movie is In Bruges.  If an Oscar could be given for male buddy roles, this one would have to win.  Colin Farrell is at his peak as the melancholy hit man, who accidently kills a child and is dealing with his demons.  Brendon Gleason, the brilliant actor who is always so rock solid as the rational sidekick, trying to "make things right".  This movie is not for the faint of heart, as it is a hit man buddy movie, so be prepared.  It is predictable, somewhat, it's still good.  The sound track is wonderful and perfect for this movie, it totally drew me in.  It reminded me of getting chips before you order at a good Mexican restaurant, if the chips are good, you know the food will be great.  

Jennifer's final day of tests...all

Cancer is a series of donuts with pretend lovely scenery and a sound track that defies description.  There are feats of levitation.  CYA for all concerned on the other side means Jennifer signing her life away.  

Meeting amazing people along the way is the plus of the process.  

 The blind corner mirrors contain metaphors, too numerous to mention.  

Jennifer, however, went through the miserable process as best as anyone could.  Now it's time for her to put one foot in front of the other and begin to believe. 

 Tests are all normal- I love you

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

David Byrne Baby!..Jennifer's night out before all day tests

and I had a nice outing.  What a great concert!  It was at the beautiful Palace Theatre in downtowLouisville, Kentucky.  David Byrneand company, of which there were lots on stage, put on a high energy and entertaining show.  

While I can't say that Mr. Byrne left everything on the stage, like some other bands that I've seen, you can tell he is a seasoned professional and had a very polished act, complete with dancers, backup singers and multiple musicians, you certainly got your money's worth in this show.  His interest in all aspects of entertainment, music, stage and film were certainly evident last night.  Lights and dancers were used for complete dramatic effect.  
Seasoned professional, class act that he is, he came out on the stage in elegant all white. His voice is still strong and very recognizable.  He played mostly from his newest album with Brian Eno, who by the way, seems to be an inspiration for lots of artists, of which I like.  But, when he reverted to his Talking Heads days, he really brought the house down.  "Burning Down the House" and "Same as it Ever Was" had the crowd all up on their feet and dancing.  

Mr. Byrne came back for encores-unheard of to me.  He seemed to really be pleased that he had such an appreciative audience and might have been somewhat surprised that people in Kentucky would bring him back on stage so often.  I wish I had taken a picture of one of the band members filming the crowd, while requesting one of those encores.  

At one point he performed a song while all on stage sat in chairs!  I wondered if this was to calm the house down, as people were standing and dancing a lot by then.  

It was an unforgettable night and one that preceded today, which bring lots of tests and hopefully for a few months at least, our last visit to the hospital for Jenni.  My goodness life does go on.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quilting and

I've been busy, busy, busy, making a king size quilt by hand sewing.  It's a 1 inch hexagon quilt using the Tillie's Mosaic as the inspiration.  It started out as a nice project to bring to the hospital while my daughter, Jennifer, got her various forms of treatment for cancer, over the last year.  My progress has been slow, as some days I just didn't feel like doing much, let alone sew.  But, Hooray, Hooray, glory day!, Jennifer finished her last round of chemo a couple of weeks ago, and tomorrow we go in for all day testing, head to toe.  The Dr.s are confident the cancer is in remission and she can get the line out at the end of October.  This is no port, if's a central line, which runs up the inside of her and comes out in two lines exiting out her side.  That will truly be the end of the ordeal.  

As you can see I am in heaven today, because there is a soccer game on while I'm working on my quilt!  This is not my beloved Liverpool or Spain, but, for me any soccer fix is good.  As you can see my progress is coming a bit slowly and as I'm having to make up the pattern, more or less, as I go.  I'm changing it from the original pattern by Karen Witt.



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