Friday, October 24, 2008

Quilting and Movies...In Bruges

Seldom do I write 2 posts, if ever, in one day.  Today it's rainy and lovely because Kentucky needs rain so much.  Last vestiges of summer attempt to locate the sun.  Tree bark stands contrastingly beautiful to the fall color surroundings.  

It's a perfect day to watch a movie and make a quilt.  

The quilt part you already know-hey it's a king size, 1 inch hex's-so you know what I'm doing for a while.  And the movie is In Bruges.  If an Oscar could be given for male buddy roles, this one would have to win.  Colin Farrell is at his peak as the melancholy hit man, who accidently kills a child and is dealing with his demons.  Brendon Gleason, the brilliant actor who is always so rock solid as the rational sidekick, trying to "make things right".  This movie is not for the faint of heart, as it is a hit man buddy movie, so be prepared.  It is predictable, somewhat, it's still good.  The sound track is wonderful and perfect for this movie, it totally drew me in.  It reminded me of getting chips before you order at a good Mexican restaurant, if the chips are good, you know the food will be great.  


Gina said...

Lovely photos.
Haven't seen the movie but I'm actually going to be In Bruges at the end of next week. Chocolate shops here I come.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

The Italian Blog said...

Speaking of demons, you have probably already heard that David Beckham is on his way to Milan. In his case the demons will be playing alongside him in black and red shirts. Milan's stellar squad is super competitive and for sure won't be cutting him any slack.

Bobbi said...

Beautiful photos! Were these taken in Kentucky? If so, where? They look like they could have been taken at the Red River Gorge.


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