Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Turtles, Clifty Falls and Madison Indiana, Quilting

We found a turtle in our yard. Yep, my hubby almost hit it with a lawn mower, but instead he jumped off the mower and brought it inside. What else could we do, but, bring it to wilderness where this would not happen-mowers-YIKES!

So, we put it in a box, belted it into the Honda backseat and I got to ride with the stench for an hour on our trip to Madison Indiana! It was worth it. We found a great place where it could frolic or whatever turtles do...smile

We decided to make a trip with our second daughter,
the geologist, can you tell?Chelsea, who seems to get the short end of our attention, because we are, rightfully so, consumed with our oldest daughter, Jennifer and her cancer. Chelsea is certainly understanding and does not demand anything of us. But, we felt like we needed to spend some time with her today. So, upon finding our turtle we made a day of the rescue operation and brought said terrapin to the Clifty Falls State Park in Indiana.

This is a beautiful state park with some wonderful, but not easy, trails and scenery, including several 60 feet and over cascading waterfalls. The park is not huge, but, it seems to be spread out nicely, with campgrounds and picnic tables for a great day out with the family.

Here is our daughter and us on some of the trails. Chelsea had to get home pretty early, so we did not get to explore as much as I had liked, but, trail 2 seems to follow the creek bed, which is where I'd like to go next time. My plan would be to start at the North Gate at the trail head and walk to the South Gate trail head and maybe hitchhike back to my car. But, even if we need to walk back, it's not that far.

Madison Indiana
was our stop on the way home for some great burgers at Hinkles and ice cream at Rogers Corner.
I've scoped out a couple of fabric stores for quilting habits to be fulfills later on.

Btw, I think the Mommy bir
d has had an encounter with something bad. She has not been seen on the eggs in quite a few days.


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