Wednesday, February 4, 2009

8 hours there and back means lots of applique progress

Flight of Swallows progress report.  No time wasted on my trip.  I used the, what's known to me at least as the, Elanore Burns, Quilt in a Day method of appliuqe.  Where you use a light weight interfacing and trace your design on the right side of the interfacing (not where the fusible matter is).  With right side of material and wrong side of fusible interfacing (where the fusible "dots" are), you then use small stitches to outline the design, clip curves and flip right side out.  

Hmmm...another zone of quilting,  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've been to Las Vegas for a week...

There was no fear or loathing of Las Vegas, as the famous book says.  It was our first vacation, alone, in many years and we enjoyed it.  We were there for 6 nights and walked our legs off.  Every day 3 to 5 miles.  We stayed 3 nights at the northern end of the strip at Treasure Island and then stayed 3 nights at New York, New York at the southern end of the strip.  

We are not big gamblers, although we did play craps and lost $70.00 in 10 minutes, so that was the end of our taking chances.  

Going in the winter to the dessert means 2 things, very comfortable in the daylight and a bit chilly at night.  It was still very nice.  The ghosts of Frank, Dean and Sammy must be turning over in their graves or dens of darkness hidden away from the general public.  The casinos today seem a far cry from the old days of pit bosses, whiskey and beautiful dames.   Don't get me wrong, those are still there, in the late evening mostly, they are easily found.  The adult Disney Worlds today, are shopping malls and fancy eateries with circuses and men in blue costumes and aquariums.  Lavish entry lobbies and gardens abound.  You can do some things for free, but, as we found those "free" things end up costing.  

You can travel to France, Italy, Egypt and New York, all within walking distance.  By far the best method of travel is the city bus.  Jusbe heading the direction you want to go and wait for it.  

Our last day was spent at Hoover Dam.  The works project that really began before the great depression.  I guess it might be the appropriate time for us to see the results of something that may be in our future for America as I don't know how we are going to get out of the financial mess our great country is in.  

And, incase you haven't heard, Louisville, Kentucky was hit hard by the ice and snow, as if the wind storm of Ike wasn't enough. 


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