Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's Woman has Jennifer's Art Show in it

Today's Woman is a local free magazine that highlights some interesting women in the community.  This is the cover of the magazine.  And inside Jennifer's exhibit is the #1 thing to do in Louisville this month!  In all seriousness, art therapy helped her through this horrible time.  There is no better way to channel your energy in a constructive way than through art.  Whether its making a quilt, taking photos or using Photoshop, creativity is a wonderful nonmedicating release that makes you feel good.  

Make Art!  Make Art! Make Art!   It's so good for the soul in so many ways.  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home Block Complete-Now Embellishing!

Yes, two posts in one day, that's a productive day. Especially when you think I've also completed this wall hanging.  I worked out a little at the "Y" today, thus the disheveled quilter look.  Although, I like to quilt in my  

Yep, I went with the lighter border on the audition.  
The dimensions have to be 21 inches wide.  The length is a bit longer, but, I hope that's okay,  as that's what I filled the form out to enter the challenge.  

Now on to my flowers in the window boxes and words on the banner next to the house.  Then to embroider some cutesy saying that will garner giggles from the quilt judges and maybe I'll win first prize, $50.00!  Probably not, but, I like the quilt anyway. 

Auditioning Fabrics and Jennifer's Art Showp

This is my house block and my light, medium and dark fabrics I've chosen for the outer border.  Thisi is called auditioning fabrics.  A digital camera really helps when you have to make the choices.  Another method I like to use is looking at the quilt in a mirror.  It allows a better perspective for auditioning.  You can also look through the wrong lens of a pair of binoculars.  

Lest you think it a little boring, I intend to embroider "Finish, Finish, Finish, What you Start, A Quilters Dream at Heart".  Or something like that.  The blank rectangle to the left of the house is going to be embroidered, "Quilt Show Today".  And then there needs to be a bar embroidered about the quilt in the middle of the top of the house.  I'll probably put a few flowers in the blank window boxes.  This will be my entry into the "Home" quilt challenge that our Quilters Day Out 2009 quilt has thrown the gauntlet down to us.  

Jennifer went through a pretty awful time of chemo and through it all I took a bunch of pictures, that she then took and used photoshop, pastel pencils, and paints, and different things to make her feel more in control and creative about the situation.  The result was the art therapist at Kosair, liked what she was doing so much, the hospital is sponsoring her art show, spending thousands of dollars printing and framing 80 of these photos/art works.  

This is the postcard advertising her show.  She also has invitations printed for a private cocktail party prior to the opening night of the art show, which will run through April 30.  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Outing with Northeast Quilting Friends

Here's what I got.  A few pieces of Homespun fabric as it was on sale.  Then a trip to the antique store and I got a new turkey platter.  Ours broke and this one is pretty unique.  This is an old sewing accessory.  No discount on that, she knew we were a quilt group so she didn't let that one go.  But, it was too cute!  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Great Technique for Storing Your Blocks Before You Sew

Ever time consumingly lay out all your pieces for a block or quilt, only to have them haphazardly picked up and YOU FORGET WHERE YOU picked them up from said lay out?  Well, join the club.  This is a little something I learned the other day and I thought it was pretty neat and am passing it along.  

You cut out your pieces, in this case, I'm still working on my KS 1 inch hexagon quilt.  Using a needle you stack the 6 hexes and 1 hex to make your flower and pierce it with needle and run thread up the middle with the knot at the back of the stack.  This holds your stacks of flowers, so they don't go slipping and sliding out of order and you don't end up cutting unnecessarily.  Remove the needle and cut the thread short, but, too short that the flowers slide off the thread.  Do not knot the thread so you can remove the stacks.  

Great tip to use with hexagon quilts!


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