Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kitchen Remodel and Working on the Backsplash Tiles

DH and I are hard at it today. We are working a very simple design into the rustic tumbled tiles that we are cementing and then grouting onto the drywall.
For our cheap entertainment we are still supporting the local critters, this one looks like he's been through a few battles with that chunk out of his ear.

I'm afraid we broke the tile cutter and are down for a while, but, we will be back at it when we get the belt needed for repair. I guess things like that are what makes most construction time estimates go over the allotted times.
Hopefully it will all work out and look good. So far so good on the bickering, as long as I stick to designing and he sticks to construction we are

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back Splash Decisions and Icicles

We are doing the subway tiles and a small on point accent above the stove and smaller on point squares spread around the kitchen.
The ice is about 3 foot long and I can hear it break free occasionally.
Our stove and microwave are directly across from the refrigerator stacked on top of each other.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Happy Heart Retreat Pictures

Did I mention we were at the 4-H Leadership Center? Would you see this art work in any other hotel?
This was my first year in attendance and I learned there is some ongoing joke about chickens.
The ladies that have been attending for a long time really know how to decorate their areas. This is the lovely Vivian with her opossum and basket.

The generous spirit of the quilters was very nice to see.
Overall most of the ladies were busy getting UFO's done. We did have a project taught to us as a group, but it went really quickly and we were able to put our headphones on and sew.
Yep, the winter is more easily spent when it's broken up with a bunch of quilters.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kitchen remodel and Valentines day

I returned from the retreat to find the kitchen cook top and sink and almost everything back into its place. Now all that's left to do is the back splash.

It was also Valentines day, so balloons and flowers were there too. We are going to go to a wine tasting class soon in preparation for our trip to Italy in the fall.
This is how I began my horse quilt. I'm only showing pieces of it as I'm finishing it for my DD. These blogs are made for extended families and keeping up with their lives, but, surprises are still a thing to do...later.

The snow continues to pile up it's about 8 inches so far.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Retreats are great for the grey days

A little trip with a bunch of quilters can be an uplifting thing. Such was the case last Thursday when I traveled through the snow filled hills of Kentucky with the Happy Heart bunch down to the 4-H Leadership Center in Nancy, Kentucky about 3 hours from Crestwood, Kentucky, where I live. This retreat has been going on for 12 years. It's a wonderful opportunity to stretch your creativity, get inspired and talk about sewing all day long, if you want to.
For a great retreat there are a few basic requirements, besides being with a pretty great group of ladies. You need good light and plenty of space. The lighting was pretty good, but, more natural light would have been better. You need tables for every person at the retreat, as we quilters like our stuff. You also need plug ins and a design wall would be nice. This is my personal opinion of what the basics are to make a retreat, and of course, let's not forget the the food.
I brought 3 projects to work on, 4 days of quilting you need variety. My hand quilting project is the Quiet Village.
I also had 1 design wall required project, I made a horse quilt wall hanging for my daughter in New Mexico. Then I had a bed quilt that is for our "stars" Christmas in July party.

I will show my horse quilt in it's completion later as my DD Chelsea might be reading this, hello Chelcio!!
Besides machines buzzing and fabric flying, we also had time to "roast" someone. The lovely Kathy has been up to some mischief as her best friend felt the need to give her a hard time all in good fun...can you say Pinky?

So the prescription for the winter blahs? Go on a quilting retreat. Hopefully it will be as nice as this one and you will have understood the camaraderie of quilters.

Thanks Yvonne!!


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