Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving day at the Galt House

My posting is a little off in time, but, I couldn't find my camera and I guess, at least for me, what's a post without pictures.  Looking and searching and finally giving up and going back to my sewing machine, where was it, but right next to my machine.  Ah well, if it weren't for happy accidents, I don't know if I'd get much done.  If I can't find things I don't get too worried, I know it's in the house somewhere and it'll turn up and usually does, sooner or later.  Although the infamous sock monster has caused me to chuck many a orphaned sock in to the trash.  

Anyway, here we are going to the Galt House for our Thanksgiving dinner at the Fountain Buffet.  The food was really good.  We arrived at 11:45, which, for a buffet is not too bad.  I hate to go to a buffet later in the lunch time because it might not be as fresh.  So, not to fear we were there early.  Jennifer and Chelsea were both home and we parked at my husband's office parking which is 2 blocks away.  Luckily it was a beautiful sunny, albeit a cool day.  Here we are in the hotel restaurant.  We passed by the Bourban Bar, you know Kentucky is the vice state, Bourbon, horse racing and tobacco were our claim to fame for the longest time.  Now, gambling is everywhere, Bourbon is made elsewhere and tobacco is more popular in Europe than America, yeah America.  

Friday, November 28, 2008

More Progress on Tillie's Mosaic Quilt

I'm still working on a king size 1 inch hexagon quilt with toile "flowers".  It's about 1/2 finished.  It fills my whole foyer so, next picture will have to be outside hanging over my deck to click.  

One of our beloved members, Evelyn,  of Northeast Quilting Friends has become ill and we made a quilt for her.  These are our original patterns.  Joan, one of the leaders, she says we call her Hitler, gets us organized and focused.  In this case, she came up with an idea to design around letters and objects.  You almost can't make a group quilt for a friend without signatures, so we put them all around the boarder flowers.  

Oh well, you can see them, we all used some of that green and the same background, so the quilt came out a success.  Way to go Joan-HEIL!!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 24, 2008


OMG!  Yeah!  My team, Columbus Crew, won the Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup!  3-1

I couldn't watch it, don't ask me why, it wasn't on anywhere on my stations.  I guess I'll have to be happy to catch the highlights somewhere...any suggestions?  

Ah well, we can always escape into our favorite sports programs, if only we can find them.


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