Friday, June 24, 2011

Succombing to Facebook?

Is that the way the world is, 2 seconds to read a sound bite on someone's "status"?  Like? Hate?  One word synopsizes of the way we feel. 

I guess in a nut shell you can sum up the difference of the blog and Facebook.  The blog is more of an investment in time to read and also the writing.  Facebook is a quick update, a status update.   I think they are both worthy on their own merits.  I like being able to stand on my soap box in a blog, or be able to teach a quilting tip or technique.  There have been other personal things I've gone through that I've been able to share on my blog, and hopefully help some people along the way.  But, maybe the blog value is more for an opportunity to purge our thoughts and feelings, way more than a thumbs up or down. 

Ah well, it's nice to have this opportunity to write out our thoughts.  I see it as some day, when I'm in the nursing home, I can look back and see how I had lived my life at this time over these years.  Maybe my grand kids will get a kick out of it.  At least they will be able to see my quilts, I hope.  The value of the "cloud" may be too much to pay for some day.  Maybe then I'll print out some of my better blog pictures or waxing poetic tirades. 

Like making a quilt, the writing of a blog is all about the process.  Facebook is running out to buy a quilt on sale at a retail shop.  You miss out on the pleasure of creating and making things with your hands.  


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