Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Camera and Quilters Day Out

I finally got a new camera.  I liked my old one so much, I got it's newest replacement.  I'm a point and shoot kinda girl.  SLRs intrigue me and maybe some day I'll invest the time, money and effort to get one.  I like the 18X zoom on this one, the Panasonic DMC-FZ28.  Here are some night pictures of my great white hunter making short business of the bad winter damage this part of Kentucky has seen.  Notice his silhouette by the fire.  I like to play with tricky things like that.  The jonquils are blooming in my backyard and the creepy neighbor behind us.  

This is last years entry for Quilting in the Bluegrass, quilt challenge at Quilters Day Out.  This is my new entry that I need to put the binding on.  The words surrounding the quilt border say, "Finish What You Start, a Quilters Dream at Heart".  I used variegated thread and made it a little difficult to read, so maybe it would "soak in" to the reader when they read it.  It's a a pretty hard thing to live by.  There are too many beautiful fabrics, books and patterns not to be compulsively inspired.  

Quilters Day Out is what we call National Quilting Day, which is this Saturday.  I hope all of you are celebrating.  If you ever needed an opportunity to party, here it is.  Talk quilter this weekend, fat quarter, rotary cutter and the uses of 1/4 inch tape are understandable by a select few.  


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