Monday, October 20, 2008

First sewing machine for my daughter, Chelsea.

Off we went on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to Hancocks in Louisville, Kentucky, where they were having a sale on their sewing machines.  Being a person that is very picky about sewing, material, and notions, of course I want to buy the best.  But, in reality, my mom wanted to buy the first sewing machine for her 4 grandaughters, which, as you know, if we really want quality machines, this could run into the many thousands of dollars.  Also, since I don't know if Chelsea and Jennifer will even take to this most wonderful hobby, my better sense took over.  Practical Julie had to ask the main question to answer for a first machine, in my opinion, is: mechanical or computerized?  The computerized Janome we tried was $100 more than the mechanical Janome.  Of course it had a few more bells and whistles, but, again, the mechanical had just as good a stitch and most of what the computerized machine had, except for the automatic speed control, which I never use on my machine anyway. That being said, we chose this lovely mint green mode, Janome 2139n.  Now, I'm not recommending this machine, as we haven't really tried it out yet, that's another post.  But, suffice it to say that DD #2, Chelsea, is heading back to Bowling Green, Kentucky to Western Kentucky University with the above mentioned new sewing machine.  Also included in our newbie sewing experience:  8" Gingher sissors-on sale=woot woot!; Schmetz needles Universal size 80/12;  and 2 spools of Mettler grey thread.  These things are all good for the first time sewer. 

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Libby said...

I'd love to know how that machine performs. We are in the market for a first (well second, but that's another story *s*) machine for The Princess. I've been thinking about Janome and that green is her favorite color. This could be the one.


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