Monday, October 18, 2010

Fabulous Weekend-Fly Fishing and Biking Around Louisville

It's so nice to be able to do things outside now.  It's been so blasted hot here, I think we hit record high heat on several days.  We seem to be franticly trying to cram in our summer's worth of outdoor activity in the few remaining days of fall.

I had my waders on in the water, and it was a lot cooler, but, I didn't mind.  Being in nature, early in the morning and trying to catch the fish that all said "Hah! You human fools"!  Ah well, there will come another day my fine little fishies...muoooahhahahhha!!

We went on our longest bike ride since we have had my new bike, 13 miles.  This time we started at Hogan's Fountain at the Cherokee Park and wove around town.  We've still got a lot to learn about winding around CP.  That area was built a long time ago and it doesn't have a lot of straight through connecting streets, so we were switching back and forth many blocks.  There are major arteries around there, but, they've got too much traffic and our book "Wheeling Around Louisville", takes us off those busy roads, which I like.

The highlight of this ride was the grave sites of the Clark family plots.  The Clark's raised 3 generals, George Rogers Clark, who lived at Locust Grove Home, another son that was half of the Lewis and Clark expedition and another son that was the General of a Virginia Militia.  What an accomplished family!  Kentucky does have a strong history of military support, but, I'd say this is pretty outstanding work from those parents.


Deb H said...

What beautiful photos! I love the serenity of the fly fisher-person, with the autumn colors. Nowtht would be a lovely quilt too!

Thanks for the comment on the old trucks. I hope to do a series of tread paintings with them, some time in the future.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Well, I think you are right. I actually bought a Mckenna Ryan Pattern with a fly fishing person in it, but, now, I guess I should make my own.


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