Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happiness is a great big bobbin!

Well, I was interrupted from my sewing bliss, temporarily by something most amazing.  Here in our lovely town of Louisville, we have NPR, National Public Radio.  Now, just about everywhere has an NPR, you probably have it in your own town, probably running a variety of NPR like programs on one station.  Louisville has 3 separate stations that are lumped together and thankfully fall under the same umbrella.  I say thankfully, because when it comes to asking for funds for our stations, it's hard to not give, because you like one of the 3.  We have a WFPL, a news station that also runs Prairie Home Companion on the weekends.  Next is WUOL, our classical music station.  And last but not least is my personal favorite, WFPK an amalgam of music.  This channel covers everything from jazz to bluegrass and everything in between.  I've been answering phones for the last few days, accepting maybe some of your generous pledges to keep our stations healthy.  Louisville has a reputation for being generous with it's charities.  Maybe that's why they finished the fund drive a full day earlier than planned.  It may have been even earlier if the computer hadn't gone down one of those days.

Thanks if you gave to NPR and if you have one of these stations in your area, please give to them.  It makes for a much stronger listening service you are getting.

Anyway, after a very nice 10 mile bike ride around Seneca park today, I'm home now and playing with my machine.  

It has a great big bobbin compared to my Pfaff.  And, check out the guide book, it has a cutter on the top for the bobbin thread.  It's only after you have been at this for a while that you notice the little things that make this machine so great.  I've owned a Singer, Kenmore, Brother, 2 Pfaffs and a Baby Lock serger and this machine appears to have most everything that is good combined in one, in my opinion.  This great big bobbing will come in handy when I use it as a quilting machine on my table.  

This machine has a push button sewing feature that I know the Viking has, but, I've never owned a Viking, so it new fun for me.  This will come in handy for my machine quilting.  The faster you go the easier it is to machine quilt.  But, you should only go as fast as you can control the evenness of the stitch length, so it has 3 speeds to sew with.  Hooyah!  

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