Monday, October 25, 2010

Even a fabulous machine can have a flat

Well, the call of the wild and wonderful Horizon was temporarily the sound of a cough.  Give it an easy border or two to sew-no problem.  Give it a bunch of pieces to sew together to make a block and the stitch tension was impeccable.  BUT ASK IT TO FREE MOTION MACHINE QUILT and look out!  How many times did I start and stop abruptly to the error message E7-Not the dreaded E7!!! you say, yes, it was E7!  Return to the dealer the circuits are incorrect, or something to that effect.  In other words I really messed it up.  And did the only sane thing to be done in this event, I turned it off and turned it on and began again.

Well, not be dumped on by any sewing machine, let alone the Horizon, I soldered on began playing with the tension button, and changing the 3 feet that are given for the free motion machine quilting.  And there was the answer, CHANGE THE FOOT! and play a little with the tension and slow down the machine a little and there it is a pretty darn good stitch.

The 200.00 Brother or the 3,000.00 Horizon, both are a finely tuned machine and even the slightest thing out of balance can cause your stitches to look funny.  It's almost always a simple change of the needle, wind a new bobbin, or rethread your machine and you will find the answer to your bad tension.

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Shasta said...

I am glad you figured it out. I would have been really frustrated, and it would have taken me forever to figure out the right combination of what the machine wanted.


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