Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A full day of machine quilting and biking

That's the plan anyway, best laid plans...

We were almost blown away yesterday around here.  I had another problem with my machine, yes, while I was machine quilting-it's perfect on regular sewing.  But, don't give us this giant bed (12 inches) and tell us it doesn't machine quilt well.  So I called the dealership from which I bought the machine to ask some questions.  While I was talking the woman on the other side of town had to go abruptly, there was a tornado nearby and they have glass all around their building sides so she left to take cover.

When she returned there was no damage at Moore's Sewing Center, so on we trudged on trying to figure out what was wrong with my free motion quilting on the Horizon.  What I learned and has worked out is NEVER USE COATS AND CLARK THREAD ON THIS MACHINE.  I had it in the bobbin and switched to Aurifil thread which the machine liked and also, the suggestion was made to change the pressure on the presser foot and I did that too. It looks as if the problem is solved.

I'm using a Quilt Pounce to mark a template for suggestions of the quilting pattern, not following it exactly-my resentment of authority goes to great

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