Friday, October 15, 2010

Patterns are only guidelines

A little too dull

Not exactly the right blue, but, a hint will be okay

It's too bad that life can't be more like quilting.  In quilting there is almost nothing you can't fix.  About the only time I saw something that couldn't be fixed was when I was teaching a fabric painting class.  Someone blended their paint so much they ended up with grey mud.  At that time, there were not the beautiful metallic paints they have on the market today.  Or maybe they were available and I just didn't know about them.  If they were out there in the early 90's my statement...almost nothing you can't fix, still held!

Anyway, I bought this pattern to make a lantern purse.  I liked it right away and I pulled some fabric I have and just thought it was missing something.  So, I'm going to add a blue piping to pop the blue fabric out more, just above the pleats.

There you go, the pattern  is close but not quite right.  However you look at your projects and analyze their needs, there is ALMOST nothing you can't fix to your liking in quilting.

Just don't give up on it and challenge yourself...the life of a

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