Monday, October 11, 2010

Another fun day of bike riding...albeit a little warm

On a warmish Sunday afternoon we took another 10 mile trip around the lovely homes of Louisville.

We are not original to Louisville.  I'm from Collinsville, Oklahoma and my husband is from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We met in college at Oklahoma State University and moved to New Mexico, where we lived in Lovington, New Mexico for a year.  Then we moved back to Broken Arrow, Ok, where we lived for a few more years, then on to Houston for 11 years and now to Louisville for 14 years.

In all this time I've never really driven around the neighborhoods.  Now that we have our bikes and are the Wheeling Around Louisville book, we are well on our way to finding out about the older beautiful neighborhoods around us.

If you get the book, it's designed to start out "slow".  Ten mile bike rides with no hills, called Turtle rides are the first few mapped out plans for your route.

Yesterday took us around Seneca Gardens.  This is near Bowman Airfield off of Taylorsville road.  The winding trail lead us past beautiful homes and pre-civil war era homes, one of which was probably built in the early 1800's and was a home to slaves.

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