Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new baby...nope not a sewing machine

I've been pretty busy with my new bike.  It's a Specialized Vita Sport.  The weather is getting cooler and so I'm outside a lot enjoying the weather and getting some exercise.

My husband, Bob and I went on a 10 mile ride around downtown Louisville.  The planned route came from a fabulous book Wheeling Around Louisville.  We wound around Old Louisville and got to stop in on the Garvin Gate Blues Festival.

The trip we took, if you get the book is called Tour of the Nabes.  It's a trip through several of Louisville's historic neighborhoods around downtown.  Including St. James with it's lovely fountain, yes, the one where the great craft fair is every fall.

I am told this book is designed so that if you ride the rides in order of the book, by the last one, you will be able to go on a century (100 mile) ride.  This first lovely ride is called a Turtle Ride, which is a classic term for mapped routes with no hills.

I'm kind of a slow and steady wins the race kinda gal, so it fit me just right!

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