Monday, January 17, 2011

Lawdy, Lawdy these gray days of the Ohio Valley

So what's the solution for these gray days and you can't take a trip to the Caribbean?  Well, it's a Happy Light of course.  Well, maybe not.  It does brighten the room, however and it can't get too bright for me.  

Also, this is the time of year we should all be "fluffing/fondling" our fabrics.  It's really hard to remember all the fabric I have so a once over of my material is a great way to remind me, I don't need any fabric this year.  It will be a stash busting year for me.  

If all else fails, in the happiness department, and things are out of your control, put out a bird feeder and take 

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Shasta said...

You've attracted some beautiful pictures, and captured them wonderfully.


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