Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Quilters aren't all old.  We sometimes feel that way, though like all walks of life, the comes and goes and stitches that mend us, tends to wear on us.  But, life is pretty good for old quilters.  I'm lucky I didn't have to wait to retire before I learned to make quilts.  I was fortunate to live in Houston, Texas for 11 years.  Those in the quilt world probably all know about the Mecca that is the Houston Quilt Festival.  Make the trip if you haven't already.

The woman in charge of that event is unveiling a similar show in Cincinnati this March.  Yeah!  I hope all things fall into place and I get to go.  My mom and maybe my sister will attend with me, besides my lovely quilt group.

If you live in the Louisville area and would like to learn about quilting and quilt guilds, go to Quilters' Day Out on March 12th.  You can google it.

Better get back to my UFO's WISPS, or whatever term you choose to associate with the humble quilters urge to create, and darn if we just can't keep up!


Shasta said...

Happy birthday.

jovaliquilts said...

Happy birthday! I had stopped out of the blogosphere for awhile, but what a great day to come back and visit your blog!


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