Saturday, September 5, 2009

One Block Wonder Encore and fishing

You've got to try this block. It's a lot of fun. Like the box of chocolates, until you sew them together, you don't know what they look like. So that you don't have a million "Y" seams, you have to sew the blocks in half only, then it will be row by row. But, you still need to pin them and design. What fun!

I found this might little gadget. It helps make straight 1/4 inch seams. You can only use it on an extension or if you machine is recessed. I don't have any interest in this product, other than I like it.

Been fishing today. I caught 4 little bitty blue gill. This is the smallest fish I've ever caught. We were on the water by 8:00 and off by 1:00. After lunch it gets busy with skiers and the fish don't like the sun, so we have better luck in the morning. I think I'm feeling a little rocking boat action still. It feels like going to the ocean and you have the sensation of the waves. I guess that comes from rocking around on the boat. Love it!!

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