Friday, September 4, 2009

The 60 degree ruler is a must

The quilt world is rife with tools-rulers of every angle; cutting wheels of any size; and pins of any kind.

For the One Block Wonder Encore you will need a 60 degree ruler. If you want to know what that is, you can look at one of your rulers you already have and see it drawn out on there. I thought I might get creative and tape it and turn it and save myself-$15.00 at Joann's Fabric store, which is what this one cost. By the way, you can get coupons for that store and if it's not on sale, you can use those coupons for purchasing your ruler. Just google coupons for Joann's. Anyway, I wasn't prepared with said coupon and paid the big bucks for this ruler. It's called the Pyramid Ruler. I suppose you might be able to go to a store that sells school supplies or drafting supplies and find one for much less. But, quilting time is precious and so I just bought it, max money and all.

I like to add tape to my rulers when I am making multiple cuts. I also like to add some sandpaper to the back of the ruler. This is a 3M product that someone gave me that works well for keeping the ruler from sliding around on the fabric. It has an adhesive on the back so I rip a small piece and put it on the bottom of my ruler.

After the ruler has been set. You will need a new blade on your cutter. The floral size 45 wheel is a brand new one I got for joining AQS at Paducah this year. Don't you know, even after reading the warnings on Sharon's Blog, about the critiques of this book, which stated by her
DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THE PINS BEFORE YOU SLICE!". I still got carried away and got a flat on my wheel. That's what I call a nick that causes your blade to cut through all but one frustrating thread in your neatly aligned fabric-which causes the fabric stack to tug a little out of shape. So be ware the mine fields that are pins in the fabric. Now, the book says you need a wheel that is a size 45, but, my smaller blade went nicely through all the layers, after having to stop using my lovely new 45.

And here's what you get the beginning of the


Carin said...

That is beautiful! I would have spent the $ for the ruler too.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to take this class. Thanks for the info. I can't wait to see what my fabric will look like in the finished quilt.



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