Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Secret City and Museum Hill

So what can you say about Los Alamos? The place where a group of stogie, eccentric scientist did there part for home and country. If you would like a blast from the past, no pun intended, you should visit The Secret City. So much of it was hush, hush during the war. There were no real ID's for the people that served there. Before the project began, it was a mere all boys school for wealthy families with kids that needed extra guidance only life in the rugged frontier could afford, I suppose. The school wasn't given any option-your out, we are in and bulldozing began. Or so goes the guided tour scenario.

Oppenheimer, with his signature hat, helped plan the work for the people involved. They were moved here and lived on Bathtub Row. It was called that, because the men would not move there unless they could have a bathtub! This is a building That housed support staff then, but now is some sort of government building.

A letter, written by Einstine to Roosevelt, telling of the possible development of the bomb and how to go about getting it started is on display. This place is loaded with WWII history. These are some magazine covers of women, picking up the pieces at home...some things never change.

After a day at Los Alamos, we spent our time on Museum Hill in Santa Fe. No pictures allowed inside. These are statues outside one of the 5 museums located there.

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Carin said...

what an amazing place to visit. WWII is fascinating to me that would be a really great place to go.


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