Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's State Fair Time Again!

Yes, quilts from the fair can be seen on my other blog, but, the animals take the stage this time.

Close ups of Alpacas and horses and lambs. Youngsters anxiously waiting to hear from the judge, that may hold there future scholarship from 4H or FFA supporters, whether they won or not. Those long hours spent sleeping and grooming, not to mention the cold, cold mornings when they would have to feed and sometimes milk their animals to keep them up to par with the other competitors.

Of course, I couldn't make a post about livestock from Kentucky without showing some of our beautiful horses. I guess they are all from KY, maybe they are not. These are the Saddle Breds, I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong. No mater what they are, they were beautiful.

Our State Fair also has something called the Pride of the Counties. This is where, with pride, each county likes to show it's gleaming prizes within. Abe Lincoln was there and one county even bragged about it's own fair.

Tobacco and a country ham that sold for 650,000! Don't forget the bees, the queen is marked with a white dot. They even judge antiques there, don't ask me how.

Ain't life pretty grand?

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Karen South said...

I want to see the quilts! LOL .... where is your other blog? Thanks for all the great pictures.


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