Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quilting In All 3 Zones of My House

Zone 1-the bedroom, where I do my handwork...gee that doesn't sound so, SEWING THAT IS!  Liverpool played Stokes today and I made a few more hexagon flowers for my Tillies' Mosiac.  Slow progress, but that's what handwork is all about.

Zone 2-the dining room, I'm loading up a quilt top, Kitchen Roosters, from my basket I weighed in with last year and never finished.  I was looking for some backing material in my stash when I ran across this lovely vintage table cloth It's quite old and has seen better days, but, maybe on the back of a retro fabric style top, it will find new life.  It's a tad small, but we quilters are good at making things work.  I'll probably cut the wider sides off and sew to the bottom and top.   

Zone 3-the upstairs bedroom/studio/husbands computer room, I'm working on the Flight of Swallows quilt.  

Production feels great.  Idle hands are the devils workshop, or something like that.  Quilters are rarely idle.  


Lilli said...

Heehee...I think DH would begin to weep if I had more than one zone :) Sometimes I get away with a 2nd temporary zone in front of the TV, so I can keep him company

That cloth is a brilliant solution for a backing! I'm sure that Top and Backing will soon become best of friends.

Happy Weekend Julie

laura west kong said...

that's a great idea...maybe i should place a quilting project in every room of the house. (and you can be sure that i have enough projects started) =(^_^)=


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