Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 To Do List...One Quilt At A

Oh my goodness, how blessed I am.  My girls and husband are healthy and the sun is shining.  Thank you, once again for the many prayers and well wishes and gifts you gave to Jennifer and our family as she went through her horrible, horrible ordeal last year.  She's going in for her first 3 month scan, but, she looks and feels great, so we are anticipating a wonderful outcome, all clear.  She was inspired by the nurses that worked with her and now she's in school at U of L for the accelerated nursing program.  

So looking back to the beginning of last year when I posted something similar, a weight tally with UFO's included.  I realize I've finished a few of the items in the basket, Chelsea's Quarter Fat Quarter quilt and the Country at Heart quilt.  I see 5 quilt tops I'm going to put on the machine first, the African Coin and the Kitchen Roosters quilt top.  The Old Glory, red white and blue quilt top I decided to enlarge for a bed, so I'll be piecing more on that later.  And this is a quilt top I will do for my mom, from a Moda pattern called Sonnet.  Justify Full
This is the last of the quilts I made with my Grandmother, Margie.  She liked to sew 4 inch squares, and I've been quilting them.  

If any of you have lived through cancer with a loved one, you would know how it rocks your world.  And so, my list of unfinished objects is quite long.  The only thing I worked on consistently was this 1 inch hexagon quilt from the Tillie's Mosaic pattern, by Karen Witt.  It's was the perfect project to work on in the hospital waiting.  So, Ta Da, it's almost done.  

I have 3 zones of quilting in my home.  My dining room has my quilting machine, a Brother 1500 on a Hinterburg table which I'll be loading these 3 quilts on in respective order.

Quilt zone number 2 is my hand work beside my bed.  I imagine this is not good for helping me sleep, but, my husband likes our drive in TV at the foot of the bed, so I guess it's okay. Tillie's mosaic and this toothbrush rug are my 2 hand work items at the moment.  

Quilt zone number 3 is the my piecing and wall board.  I use a Pfaff sewing machine, it's the second one I've owned.  The built in walking foot, makes for smooth piecing.  Right now I've got the Flight of Swallows I'm piecing.  And soon to follow that is:

 And of course, no quilter would be honest if she wasn't looking ahead to the next project and this is it for me, a Friendship Braid quilt pattern I found in this lovely french magazine, Quiltmania.  

Well, here it is, the moment of reckoning, scales lurking, me cringing, arm hurting, I heft the basket and the result is a hefty 235 lbs.  Of course, this means my weight it hidden in there somewhere, but, I don't mind, projects finished or lb's lost, it's a "win win" for me.  

HAPPY 2009!
Obama will rock the world with his optimism.  The guy is hitting the ground running, as my once favorite president, Bush, sits on the sidelines and is happy to let him take


Lilli said...

It feels wonderful to take stock, doesn't it? Looking over the past year at what you've accomplished, deciding what to work on next. I've found all my UFOs, put them in one bag and am working on one now.

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Janet said...

What a very clever post! Good luck with the scale and the UFOs. And my best wishes to your daughter for continued good news!

Libby said...

Hoping all the best for you in the new year . . . . can't wait to see what comes from those quilting zones *s*

jovaliquilts said...

Oh, I made that AFrican Coins quilt! I just love the pattern.


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