Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kentucky State Fair

You know when it's hot outside it's time for the fair, at least in Kentucky it is. Our state fair is always in mid August and it never fails to amuse.

Of course their are quilts and always questions about the judging. You should develop a thick skin if you want to enter anything in any competition and fairs are no different. Please forgive the vocal critics that are unaware that you are the creator of the quilt she has just ripped her comments off without thinking, because you know she didn't win a

Kentucky is all about horses
and thanks to the limestone in the landscape, we have some of the most beautiful.

There is also a section call "The Pride of the Counties". One such county offers lots of caves to explore.
Don't you just love their display?

The animlas on display today were
rabbits, rooters, pigeons and goats.This is a judging session of the goats. It's really pretty important to these kids, because it can mean college scholarships. I had a friend that got a full ride to the Univeristy of Kentucky because she got a 4-H scholarship.

One of the traditions of the fair is the Ugly Lamp Contest, these are a couple of the entries. Only in Kentucky can you win a ribbon for a tractor. Yeah Kentucky!


Julia said...

Is your state fair indoors? Our state fair is coming up the first week in Sept and it is held outside except for a few buildings and the animal barns.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

There are huge exhibits indoors, like the textiles and crafts and then there is the midway outdoors. There are also lots of food vendors and junkie flea market type of booths. Classic country state fair type things to see and do indoors and out.

Kathy - Pink Chalk Studio said...

I love going to the state fair. Congratulations on winning a ribbon. It always amazes me that show goers partake in the vocal critic of quilts hanging. One of my pet peeves.

Libby said...

Oh there's just nothing like going to a good old fashioned fair with quilts and baked goods and pickles and livestock and yummy things to eat and plenty of summer heat *s*

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Sorry about the confusion, I did not win a ribbon this year. That Best of Show winner was a woman that I didn't get her name.

Shelina said...

It sounds like a fun fair. Ours is in August too, and I haven't been for a long time. The quilt is beautiful.


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