Sunday, August 19, 2007

Book Review; Dvd rental review...

The Painted Veil book and movie review.
As is often the case, the book
is better than the movie. I read the book first and found it to be an easy read. It's about a woman in the the 1920's that finds herself 25 years old and feeling like she needs to marry the first thing that comes along as her chances of getting married are dwindling. It is so nice that women today have choices, instead of being forced into a bad situation. But, in the end the bad turns good and you must read it to find out.

The movie fills the very few wholes that the book leaves and I believe the movie is set in China and the scenery is spectacular. I recommend reading the book then watching the movie. Especially if you are a hopeless romantic that likes period pieces like I do.

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