Monday, August 13, 2007

The racoons are happy to see us.

The raccoons are happy we are back and I suspect the birds are as well, although I don't have any great pictures of them. These are 2 babies at the bird feeder, mom is down below on the deck.

We've been away visiting Washington D.C.and while there we visited the Daughters of the American Revolution's museum. Each state is responsible for putting together a historic room with representations of a period in their history.

This is a picture of George Rogers Clark, the man whose home in retirement, Locust Grove, our quilt group visited a couple of weeks earlier. That is Kentucky's entry for the museum. This man was quite a paintable man as I've seen a variety of portraits of him. The last one is hung at Locust Grove and it is a picture of a not very happy man. Also hung there is him as a young fellow accepting surrender of the British after a battle.

Now I've got to get busy and finish quilting a quilt for my friend Mary, who has always supported our little quilt group in the most exemplary way. She just listens and helps out when she sees a need and for that I'm truly grateful. She's also been pretty sick with pneumonia and we have all been keeping her in our thoughts and prayers. I believe she is on the mend and look forward to getting back to my regular life with my girls safe and at home...for now...sigh.

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Libby said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip. I have enjoyed DC and hope to see NYC one day. But in the end - it always feels good to be home *s*


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