Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What I'm planning to do today...

It occurs to me I can use this blog as something of a glorified to do list. On this list can be pictures and an easy way to collect information about a project to be done-the Internet is the best source for all things informational. That being said, I'm off today to help set up my youngest daughter's new apartment. She is out of the dorm for the the first time and we are off to Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. She is attending Western Kentucky University in order to study geology. I think this must be a great program in the field of geology, because there are numerous caves and formations in our area to be studied. Also, the potential for study abroad is pretty good through this school. My daughter did an internship in NYC recently, for which she was paid. The paying part seems to be the bonanza amongst internships. Not to mention study in NYC as well.

Quilting Tip: Iron all your fabric before you cut it, this increases accuracy.

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Libby said...

I even like to add just a touch of starch when I iron - that extra bit of crispness just makes cutting and piecing so much nicer *s*


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