Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quilting Zones

"You've taken over the whole house!" This is what my husband told me and so here's how I've taken over the whole house with my wonderful obsession, quilting.

This is my hand work zone, in front of the TV in the basement.

This is my machine quilting zone, in my dining room
on the first floor.

This is my sewing/piecing zone upstairs, I've taken over 2 of the three bedroo

Next week we leave for NYC to pick up my DD Chelsea. She's been away for 2 1/2 months now and I'm sure she's grown up in so many ways Kentucky could never begin to educate her about. Life moves at such a fast pace there and keeping track of everything in the big city is a growing experience, to say the least.

Quick movie review: Miss Potter-sweet biography of Beatrix Potter, with Renee Zellwiger in the lead. Nice, if you like a period piece.

Blood Diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead. It's a lot of violence and so hard to believe the tale is based on true life in Africa. It is a good movie, in my personal opinion.

I finished the last Harry Potter book-great. No book has done more for establishing the habit of reading for c
hildren and adults than this series of books. Have the tissues handy. It probably wouldn't hurt to reread the Order of the Phoenix before you start this one. I didn't and I wish I had.

New music I'm listening to: The Avett Bros-wonderful banjo, stand up bass, and guitar along with a cello-Emotionalism is their new CD.

Will Mason
is a young singer songwriter with an old voice in a young man's body. Beautiful lyrics in his new CD The Ocean Gets Rough.


Bren said...

There is NOTHING wrong with taking space as long as you use it. It sure looks like you are putting all those rooms to good use!

Deb H said...

I love the slide shows you've put on your blog.

Thanks for commenting on mine & my Hedwig quilt.

I reread all the the books leading up to the last, & am re-reading the last now, slowing, to enjoy it more. Am I nuts?


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