Friday, July 6, 2007

Diamond in the Rough and

Bloomin' Roses aside and parties complete, it's on to other things. My next project in the queue is the Diamond in the Rough quilt. My MIL was over for my daughter's graduation and she liked these blocks, so, I'm going to make this quilt for her. I haven't been much of a quilt gifter. Other than making quilts for high school graduation for my daughter's friends and a baby quilt for my niece. Making quilts is like raising children, there's so much work in them, I can't give my children away. All the quilts that are stacking up around here, have been labeled with one daughter or the other on the back. I've been switching back and forth, make one for Jenni, make one for Chelsea, etc. Some of the quilts they really like, some they don't, but, I figure, one day they, or their kids will enjoy one of those quilts. The original pattern is for maybe a twin size bed, but, I'm enlarging it to fit a bed. My super practical MIL wouldn't probably want it any other way. Maybe she'd use if as a lap quilt, but, I think this design will look stunning on a bed. Moda makes great fabric. They are smart to build on previous collections. The blocks in this project began with the Folkloric collection. Once I decided to make the quilt larger, I knew I needed more fabric. The light bulb went off and I remembered there was more Moda fabric on the shelf I had intended to use on another project. The project is a scrap project, although, I'll admit to buying more fabric to complete the scrap project. There's just something in me that wants things to look right. But, like I said, luckily I did have some fabric I'd already purchased that will work great for the scrappy sashing. Yeah, I like when things work out that are a complete surprise-those are usually the best for me.

Here's a wonderful tool, the Alto's cutter. It really makes cutting multiple layers smoothly, diamonds, squares, whatever.

Waterfront Wednesday and National Public Radio
There aren't many places left where you can bring your lawn chair down to the river and watch great live music for free. Here in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, it's called Waterfront Wednesday. From 5:00 to 9:00 there are big acts, Duncan Sheik, Jonatha Brook and not so big acts and soon to be big acts. The public radio station in this town supports the local music scene and I like that. When an artist that is lost and finds that he or she is good at singing or playing an instrument, I think that is the best gift anyone can give or receive. Thanks WFPK.


Pieces From Me said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the diamond in the rough block. Can't wait to see it all together. I have an opposite problem than you. I give all my quilts away and have very few here that I have made. I have a cover up, hubby has a cover up and each kid has one...that's it. All the others are gone! I need tostart hanging on to some. ;)

Screen Door said...

Wow --- what a great piece...First thing I thought, "I want to do this!!!", but I better put on the brakes and complete other projects first... Great quilt. Love your colors better than the original.

joyce said...

That Alto's cutter looks interesting. Where did you get it? Does it work with a rotary cutter or is there a blade on it?

Leigh said...

You have a lucky MIL. I love your blocks they are going to look fantastic.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love that block as well, I don't think I have seen it before, will make a great quilt.
I think it sounds like a good stash quilt rather than scrap quilt and there is certainly nothing wrong with that!
Well done on getting over graduation, Tracey

the wandering quilter said...

Those blocks and fabrics are wonderful, love the design! I agree, Moda makes the bestfabrics!

Shelina said...

Your blooming rose party was so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. You are right, it is amazing how the same blocks can be made in so many beautiful ways. Your nine patch / hourglass is coming along quite nicely. And your diamond in the rough block is so beautifully incricate and scrappy! Thanks for letting me visit.

YankeeQuilter said...

Scrappy quilts are the best! Realy like how this block is making up. Music in the park sounds even looks like there is sunshine - sigh.


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