Thursday, August 2, 2007

We are of to NYC, DC and white water

Before I begin this new post, let me make a correction about the last HP book review. I said to reread the Order of the Phoenix. Excuse me! I meant the Half Blood Prince. Reread the Half Blood Prince. The Order of the Phoenix was on my mind, cause I just saw the movie. My husband has never read any of the HP books and he picked up the last one and had lots of questions that the Order of the Phoenix movie could not answer. Please forgive my confusion.

On to the newest post:

We are off to collect our daughter, Chelsea, who has been away for 2 1/2 months on an internship at the American Museum of Natural History. She has been researching the Allende meteorite. Apparently this is a famous meteorite that fell to earth in Mexico and is being researched by the museum. Besides her time at the museum, she is having the time of her life in NYC. She started a blog called Chelsea's New York Capers. She is so sad to leave that town. It is a young person's town. Like Disney World, it is full sensory bombardment to the max. Maybe with a bit more smells than DW, that aren't all that pleasant, you can imagine. We are driving to New Jersey to catch the train into NYC. Then we'll spend the day seeing the special sights she wants to show us, this now professional tour guide for New York. Then we are driving to Washington DC. Following our time in DC, we will be going white water rafting in West Virginia.

We will return in time for me to enter 2 quilts in the Kentucky State Fair. I'll take pictures of my entries and past winners when I return. There is much debate about our fair and the judging, but, that probably goes on no matter what. What was that judge thinking when a particular quilt won a blue ribbon. I have to keep in mind the quilt I enter may be the one to inspire some one to want to learn the craft of quilting. What a wonderful craft it is. Quilts are beautiful and are a legacy left by the designer.

More than anything, put those labels on your quilts for future generations to know who made it and what it was made for. This will increase the value of your quilt as well. The Antiques Roadshow calls it Provenance. Anyway, if you watch that show at all, you know that any extra trivia articles or personal, historical information means at least an extra $50,


Quilting Pirate said...

have a safe and fun trip! There is so much to do and see in DC - the only time I get down there is when folks are visiting from out of state :D (I live an hour north of it)

Bren said...

Have a great time on your trip. I love to see the quilts at fairs. Isn't there a criteria for the judges to follow when judging the quilts? Are the judges quilters or at least people skilled in the knowledge of quilt making? Maybe you could add this info to your post when you show your entries ;) Thanks!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

What a pity it will be some future descendany who makes all the money out of my quilts...while it just sends me broke...looks like white water rafting was fun!!!Tracey


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