Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Signature Blocks

These are my signature blocks for our exchange for our group. Next week we will be giving each other fabric blocks to each other for signatures and sayings/well wishes. I've fused Pellon Craft Weight fusible interfacing onto the backs of my blocks. Then I sewed around the edges where I want the writing/embellishing to stop. If I was making these for myself, sewing around the edge is not necessary, but, since others will be working on them, I added the extra bit of stabilization.

We went to Locust Grove Historic Home today.
This is a picture of George Rogers Clark. He was most unhappy about his life at this point. By the time he arrived at Locust Grove, he'd lost a leg, felt he was cheated out of what he was owed and fought a not to pleasant reputation. Does this look like an unhappy man or what? The curator, Dr. Ely, brought out all the early 1800's quilts she had in storage for us to peruse. Really a sad treasure. Sad, because they had deteriorated so much the fabric was barely hanging together. We learned a lot about the history of Louisville, as well as got to see some very lovely old quilts. One tidbit of information. The British spelled Lewisville in correspondence, instead of Louisvile. They hated the French so much they did not want to recognize the King-at least that's what our docent told us. Ah well, fact or fiction, it was still a lovely time had by our group. I highly recommend this trip to this lovely house and all it's history. Also we had box lunches delivered from the City Cafe that were good. This was a fun all inclusive trip.

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Bren said...

What a wonderful trip! I so love to see old quilts. I like to romaticise them in my mind, dreaming of the person who made them and who they kept warm. Looks like a nice group of ladies.


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