Friday, May 6, 2011

The Winning Purse Luncheon was sooo much fun!

The luncheon was lovely.  Just like a quilt show, the colors were bountiful in the room.  There were more hats here than anywhere I've seen.  The horses were well seen at both the paddock and the finish line of the track from our fifth floor Trophy Room veranda.  Yes, it's Kentucky and the south so it is a veranda.  
The "veranda" made it much more enjoyable to bet the ponies.  I did pretty well and won 3 out of 7 exactas-which basically means I broke a little better than even money for the day.  FUN!  

The Mom's Closet had so many donations that there were some pretty good bargains to be had.  Someone told me that one of my horse quilts last bid was 280.00 at the silent auction, but the auction was still going.  I had 3 people want me to take orders for the quilt, but, I am not in the business of quilt making, so I'm telling people the only chance you will get to buy one of these quilts will be at the Winning Purse Luncheon, next year.  The Dakota quilt was in a 20.00 a ticket raffle, along with 5 other items.  I was across the room, so I didn't get to see in what order is was chosen.  I understand from the girls collecting the money at the check out desk that both quilts went to people that were very excited to get them. 

I got a Coach bag, regularly 450 bucks for 220!  I'm not really a Coach bag kind of person, but, you get caught up in the bidding atmosphere.  In my quilting club, Northeast Quilting Friends, I'm kind of known for a certain green color that I like and use a lot in my quilts.  Don't you know, there was a purse made of that color that went for a lot less than my Coach bag, but, silent auctions are what they are and they end at a certain time and unless your name is the last one on the line, you don't get it.  

There were all kinds of silent auction items you could win, jewelry, purses, and gift baskets.  The big money went in the live auction.  Pat Day gave 2 guided tours of the back side of the track to people that went back and forth with the bidding and it settled well over one thousand dollars.  Pat said he would do two tours for that money if they agreed and they did.  

The food was excellent this year, a luncheon and hotdogs and sausages toward the end of the day.  YUM!!

Mark your calendars now for the Wednesday before the Derby and buy a ticket to the Winning Purse Luncheon.  They've already sold 8 tables for next year, and the Trophy Room isn't that big, so don't dilly dally about this event.  Call the Mom's Closet for more information. 

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