Monday, May 2, 2011

I got a hat and I'm ready to attend the Winning Purse Luncheon

Yes, I got a hat.  I think I was inspired by the Royal Wedding.  America has it's own big hat day, that's the Derby at Churchill Downs.  The first Saturday in May is our version of the Royal Wedding, I suppose.  Women don their best dresses and hats for the day.  

I'm going on the Wednesday before the Derby.  The Derby is just too much chaos.  You can't even see the horses, there are so many people there.  I will be in the Trophy Room on the Wednesday before.  We will be helping to raise money for the Mom's Closet.  It's a charity that gives women a hand up, not a hand out.  In other words, you must be making movement forward in your life, attending school and working.  So these women need help with their children and finances.  Each woman that in the program needs about 2,000.00 a year to help them through the year.  This includes financial aid for school.  This sometimes excludes them from the Food Stamp Program from the government so there is a pantry of donated items on hand for weekly help with groceries.  

Quilters through Quilters' Day Out, this year, gave about a ton of groceries to them.  My part in that was to bring them into our program and give them some publicity for the good work they do.

Now I'm donating, at least 2 quilts to the silent auction and raffle ticket sales.  I'm hoping to finish a third quilt, but, things keep coming up and I can't seem to get motivated to complete the third.

When your daughter has had cancer, things just change.  And I know it's up to her to make the moves, and I can't do it for her.  All I can do is pray and wish she was the Queen of Spain and every move she makes is done for her.  Nope, that is not her life, she chooses to live it in her room and not come out and not eat and life is not good right now.  Yes, she was dealt a crappy hand, but, life does go on and she's got to live it.  We are not her handmaidens.  She needs to reinvent herself and become the Queen of Spain.  Or just suck it up and get on with it. 

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Annie of Blue Gables said...

I LOVE the hat! There were many comments on Facebook about why we American women don't wear hats. I will have to send them to your blog post.
I LOVE the quilts! they are so wonderful.
and lastly. . . I'm so sorry your daughter has cancer. Been there, done that (Hodgkin's). She chose to stay in school and walk to the hospital daily to get her radiation daily for two months. I think she would have shut herself in her room had she stayed home. She survived and has been cancer free for 13 years. But I know how you feel.
You are as happy as your saddest child.
Is this the one you made the original quilt for who is in school in Arizona? Am I remembering my facts?
Here's hoping and wishing you the best outcome possible. I will send up some prayers.


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