Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Daughter's Web Blogs and Worldfest

Kids today thinin a lot bigger picture than when I was young.  I think it's because they are so connected and communicate easily that they don't feel the world is such a big place.  My girls both have dreams of traveling someday.  Travel would have never crossed my mind as a young girl.  It was pretty much move out, get a job and get married.  But, today, girls don't have to think like that and they can live a different kind of life.  My life has been full and quite comfortable and I'm not complaining.  
My girls both have blogs.  Jennifer, my 24 year old has a blog called:  I Won the Crap Lotto....hmmm, I wonder what that one is all about.  She gives a very wry account of her predicament and has a great slide show of pictures in the many stages of her cancer.  

Chelsea is living life to the fullest, it seems with travel and adventure way beyond her 21 years of age.   Through the support of Western Kentucky University, she's been able to live in NYC and Japan during the summers.  Her blog is called Out In the Under, quite a catchy name of a blog for a geologist, this unbiased mom  

Pictures from our last stay at the hospital.  We always try to make the best of the situation so I bring a quilt and a book to readalong with my project to work on.  I like to wake up and sit outside and drinmy coffee.  

This stay downtown was over the Labor Day Weekend and Louisville is generous with their free outdoor venues and we lucked into one, the Worldfest on the Belvedere.  It was loaded with traditional music from different cultures.  This is the Scottish bagpipes and drums.  There were many others with equally entertaining costumes and talk.  Speaking of costumes, look at the sewing that goes into making these young women's costumes.  Chelsea, Bob and I had a nice time walking around.  The Ironman was also in town, so there were many bikes.  All in all, I wish we were downtown for another reason and Jennifer could have come with us.  Soon,


Libby said...

The internet sure has opened up the world and made it feel a whole lot smaller. Like you, I never thought of travel - although I have enjoyed it very much - I'm still quite content to stay right in my own backyard. Keeping good thoughts for you all *s*

jovaliquilts said...

Loved all the photos and seeing a pic of your other daughter. They both sound like such interesting and talented people. What a great quilt on your daughter's hospital bed!


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