Saturday, March 29, 2008

The World's Greatest Needle Threader

Why in the hospital, not for me but for the my DD Jennifer. She has cancer and is coping with it very well. Medicine has advanced so much lately that the "Big C" is not a death sentence as much any more. But, believe me, it's a misery sentence. We are all coping and this too shall pass.

But, quilting goes on as usual, when I can and where I can get light, even if its by flashlight in the hospital so she can sleep. I feel and like to pretend to make it seem better, that I'm camping, like we did a lot when we were younger and we had a tent trailer. I'm on a mission now though, this lack of light has driven me to find the world's best needle threader, cause you know there's nothing more difficult than threading a needle with little light. When you have chiseled your thread so sharp to enhance needle insertion into the eye that you don't realize you've cut it down to 2 inches long with no success. Or if you run out of saliva wetting the thread and the needle so much and it's still only a 10% success rate, frustration is the motivating forece.

So when I get a break, I'm driving to the 2 nearest quilt shops to Kosair Children's Hospital, Happy Heart Quilt shop and Forget Me Knot Quilt Shop. These are two of the one stop large quilt shops that should have ample choices for me.

I'll let you know


jovaliquilts said...

So sorry to hear about what your daughter (and whole family) are going through. Please accept my most positive thoughts for you all.

I have always used the needle threader that is a thin diamond-shaped wire that you put through the eye of the needle, but recently bought one that you put the needle in a slot and push the lever down. It works pretty well.

Lilli said...

You have a great attitude. It's also a very smart attitude, because we cope better with stress when we see our glasses as half-full :) I like the camping idea


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