Thursday, March 27, 2008

40 bags in a day - Huzah!

Miss Green Topper has asked for some reusable grocery bags for their first project/hopeful fundraiser. I say hopeful, because you know these are poor college kids we are talking about, and I don't really care what she gets for them, I was glad to use up the 25 yards of material that had been sitting around since, oh maybe the early 80's-at least some of it.

Here is one of the them I made especially for Chelsea and my other daughter, Jennifer. Like I said in an earlier post, the pattern is a Walmart shopping bag you get to throw away and ruin the land with or entangle something in. Now I don't know, maybe they are biodegradable, but, what the heck. Our whole family loves turtles and I bought this fabric several years ago and now it is in use. My daughter that lives at home, Jennifer, took one look, loved it and is using it as a purse! That's okay, when she's tired of it as a purse, she can keep it in her glove box in the car and use it when she shops.

A do it yourself instruction will follow later.


jovaliquilts said...

Those look very cool! Do post the instructions. THanks!!

Helen in the UK said...

25 yards of stash busted - way to go!! Also busted in a very environmentally friendly way :)


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