Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Third part Quilting...everything is getting back to somewhat normal...whew!

Oh my goodness, my husband is so happy like the proverbial snug as a bug in a rug. Men especially like routine, at least mine does. Which is good, cause you know we marry what we need, and myself, like so many quilters are a bit all over da

This is a very good thing. It makes me happy to stay busy with variety to indulge in.

While cleaning out my closet, I've found so many quilts and tops I thought I'd
lost to the sock thief, I suppose. You know, the one in the dryer that makes making all matched sets from a load an impossibility. It's terrible when you know you've made something and you want to work on it and you can't find it. That's a testimony for finishing, finishing, finishing. If I say it enough times, maybe it'll stick and I will do that. When the deck dries off I'll bring my quilts outside and take pictures of the ones I have here. I don't give that many away. I find the work and time make them quite like my children and so, hard to hand over to anyone. But, my pile of quilts grows steadily and I really must give in to, if nothing else, space constraints! I have several quilt racks and a stair rail that currently hold a lot of my babies, but, now I must start to move them on. My wonderful quilt group gave me a nice gift certificate and I also had another one from a friend, so I just had to spend it and add to my growing collection of fabric. While cleaning out my fabric closet, boy was I surprised to see all the fabric!!! I hate to think I'm going to give up some of my volunteer efforts, but, it seems I've been doing way too much of that lately. It's always a good thing to give of your time to worthwhile endeavors. My public radio station gets a lot of my time, especially in the summer when I help out with Waterfront Wednesdays. Then there is the church, I lead our quilt group, Northeast Quilting Friends, every Tuesday from 10:00 to 1:00. We have a pretty special group of ladies that quilt and share their talent as well as their lives. But, I've just returned from Target, where I purchased a multitude of sizes of bins to color sort and store my fabrics in.


Bren said...

The quilts you showed are gorgeous! I love the spiderweb quilting and the Diamond in the Rough is one of my favorites! I should make one myself!
Routines are certainly something we all need. I too have a husband who loves that. I wonder what kind of slob I would be if I did not marry him????

Helen in the UK said...

Wow - that fabric collection is definately in need of those tubs for organisation. Good luck with it.
Love the spider's web quilting on the top picture :)


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