Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ding dong the clutter is

Yep, it's my closet the one in the previous post that was overflowing with fabric and notions and sewing machines and just about any gadget or item you might use in quilting or sewing. It's amazing all the things you find when you prepare to move. We are not preparing to move, but, it felt like all the packing and organizing is what we will do if you get a chance to move. I think I'm ready for a new how and of course, a quilting/sewing studio. It is a part of my life. I've tried various other hobbies, making cards, scrap booking, you name it, but, I always come back to fabric. Creating anything can be good for the soul. You are able to expand your self confidence in creative expression. When you make something practical and useful, like a quilt, that is an added bonus in this hobby that we are passionate about. Now I have all the projects I'm going to work on in boxes and labeled. Has everyone done a Dear Jane quilt? This is the Next one in a series, I guess, it's the Nearly insane quilt. I forgot all about it and can't wait to dig into it. I'm doing it in civil war reproduction fabrics. This is the fabric types in the boxes. Woohoo!! Now I can feel good about getting back to making quilts.


Libby said...

Looks great - I am always more creative when my supplies are neat and tidy *s*

Lilli said...

Good for you! I'm trying to decide what to do with my fabrics. Time to put the winter ones in storage :)


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