Monday, August 27, 2012

What must it be like to live in a picture postcard, 3 months out of the year?

Ketchikan is a picture postcard city.  Alaska has strict guidelines when it comes to building or rebuilding the streets.  They must resemble the old time facades and it looks authentic, I

The Lumberjack show had lots of dangerous tricks!

The totem of shame.  (below) Seward himself was considered a cheapskate by the tribes and he was placed atop a pole with nothing adorning it,  

Onboard ship, there were all kinds of things to do for entertainment.  My folks, being the grand gamblers that they are, won 600.00 (mom) and dad, undisclosed amounts.  I guess that's why I'm such a risk taker, it's part of my 

Then on to another beauty beyond belief destination, all the while relaxing in our room watching the new elegant world roll by.  

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