Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alaska Cruise, Last time it was about the whales, this time it was about the

So here it is, our cruise with Royal Caribbean.  It was a cruise for the Puffins.  Last time we went we saw hump back whales do bubble jet feeding, up close and personal.  This time it was a quest for the Puffins.  We began our cruise with a night in Vancouver, on Thursday, August 16th.  This was the skinniest I ever  Before the buffet barrage of food.

When we arrived in VC, there was an anime convention, these were some of the characters we saw.

 The flowers were beautiful.
My mom thought she would just like to stay right there in Vancouver.  It's really like a small NYC to me, very busy, artsy and eclectic.  The ships come into town and lots of the passengers were from VC, riding up and turning around and riding back to VC.

Then, it was onto the boat.  Day 2 will be uploaded tomorrow!

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