Sunday, February 6, 2011

Revenge is Sweet! Liverpool 1-Chelsea 0

Sayeth the Liverpudlians!!!

Yes, the dreaded move by the sainted Spaniard turned out to be a dud for the 50 million plus for the sale. King has conquered and the Reds are on their way to be on top once again.

I'm a bit sad for my favorite player in the world, or was my favorite, the ultimate insult was to be the first player removed from the game.  Ouch!!

Now, I think after this game my new favorite is LUCAS!!  What a dynamic player on the pitch.  Gerrard spent his time looking a bit swollen in the face, to me and doing his usual huffing and puffing and not affecting much.  

But, they grow the footballers well in Brazil, where LUCAS is from.  Not all that big in stature, but, it's his timing and tenacity that means so much more.  

Besides LUCAS from Brazil, it was MEIRLES from Portugal, who scored the only goal.  

Good old Dirk Kuyt was everywhere fighting and fussing and causing problems for Chelsea.  

I spent 90 plus minutes yelling and screaming and jumping up and down.  I'm worn out, but, it was sooooo worth it!!!

Great Games (they have won the last several-with clean sheets on all for Reine, another sainted Spaniard) Guys!

The King Kenny is on the throne and back in his place to bring the trophies home.

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