Sunday, December 19, 2010

...So you won't be USING this quilt...hmmmm

That was a line said to me by one of our newer quilters in the Northeast Quilting Friends group of which I am a part.

Quilts are "used" in so many ways.  First and to me foremost as a work of art.  Whether it adorns a bed or a wall.  Tradition and function collide in the quilt world in that way.  A quilt is to be used for warmth and snuggling is probably the traditional thinking of quilts.  To me an art quilt is also functional in that it is used to warm the heart just by it's "mere" existence on the wall.

So there, quilts are great, no matter what they are used for.  This one, may be for either purpose, it can hang on a wall or to snuggle.  I don't think the embroidery will be any worse for the wear.

Here is what you see when you walk in my house at Christmas time.  I like kitchie

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Shasta said...

It is a complete paradigm shift some people have to make about their definition of quilts. Even after quilting for 15+ years, I am still asked why I don't make bigger quilts - they are more usable and therefore more sellable. She tried to sell a big one I gave her, and hopefully she learned something in the process. I wouldn't count on it though.
Love the embroidery on this piece.


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