Monday, September 27, 2010

World Equestrian Games Opening Ceremony

On a lovely football weather fall evening Bob and I headed to Lexington, Ky for the kick off event for the World Equestrian Games .  Just like the olympics, only on a much smaller scale and revolving around horses, dancers and performers with politicians in tow put on quite a show.

Kentucky is known for it's horses.  It rolled out all kinds of representation of the equestrian art form.  First things were started with the American Indian and their horses.  It was almost too perfect.  The many different tribes that were represented looked like a hollywood cast of beautiful high cheek bones and tripod noses.  My husband and girls are Cherokee Indians and they don't look like that.  I went to school in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and it's the Cherokee capital.  My bridesmaid, Veda Wildcat was 63/64ths Cherokee.  She felt intense pressure to marry a full blood Cherokee from her tribe.  That's another blog discussion.

After the beautiful Indians and horses.  We were welcomed back home too Kentucky with the display of the saddle bred horses and their high stepping ways.  Included in this menagerie was William Shatner, an acclaimed horseman.  Also on display was the world famous Arabian horse bred by Wayne Newton.  The "Gift from the Dessert" as this segment was called.  I didn't know that all horses in these groups could be traced to the Arabian horses.  There were many groups in the competition from Arab countries.

Next we were treated to a display of precision horsemanship complete with John Philip Suzza custom written music for the prancing horses.

The athletes from all over the world made their group appearances walking in matching outfits and waving their country's flags.  Spain was a large group in the competition and it occurred to me that if they won this, they just won the World Cup and that country is on already on roll of pride.

The beautiful and rare friesian horses from the Netherlands.

Finally, for us at least, the politicians, from mayor to governor and Muhamid Ali we wheeled around the arena in antique cars.  We left here hoping to beat the long winded speeches sure to come and the huge amount of traffic sure to come.

If you go to the games, be sure to go to JJ McBrewster's BBQ.  Some of the best pulled pork and sauces I've ever had, top 5 for sure.  Try the mac and cheese it's great!  We are fans of the Diners, Drive ins and Dives show, this is an upcoming segment on October 4th.

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