Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I could stay home and quilt all day, but, National Public Radio needs my help

It's our last Waterfront Wednesday and the world's greatest radio station needs me to help transport bands from the Waterfont to the radio station for interviews.  We couldn't ask for better weather or better bands to finish off a fantastic but hot, season of music down by the river.

My challenge today, for the short time I've got before my volunteering begins is to figure out how to make a Birangle, as they all seem to be out of stock.  It was a tool made by Mary Hickey many years ago for making 30 degree angles.  I'm making a Tennessee Waltz quilt.  The pattern comes from an old book I bought on Ebay.  Quick and Easy Quiltmaking by Mary Hickey, Nancy J. Martin, Marsha McCloskey and Sara Nephew.  It's from That Patchwork Place, which, in my opinion puts out some amazing quilt books.  When I see that publisher logo on a book, I know it's probably going to very well done.

These are some pretty savvy quilters that have been in the business a long time.  I think a lot of successful quilters must try to invent a tool for an additional sale item.  I wish I was that smart.  Hmmm...mabye a tool that make me lose 10 pounds while setting at the machine.  But wait, we had those in years gone by, I think they were called a treadle sewing machine. 

Ah well, something will come to me...idea, lightbulb, pop, 

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