Saturday, November 14, 2009

Part VII-Holiday themed UFO's

I'm almost there, to the end of my UFO listing. This list, in it's various parts, does include some really oldies but goodies, in different stages of completion. But, what makes it really, really long, is the fact that I've included projects before I started them. In other words, I've already pulled the fabrics and boxed them up.

In this post, there are none of those. I've included 2 quilt UFO's, first is the Old Glory Quilt pattern. I felt like my kingsize bed needed a patriotic quilt, so some time ago, while in Kentucky, I started this quilt.

Our YMCA has a quilt group that I joined for a short while and this is one of the two quilts for the bed for Christmas, that I've yet to complete. One of the problems I'm going to have, is I pulled fabric from the Holiday Heritage quilt to finish the other quilt. Ah well, there's always another quilt shop to visit to finish any of my projects.

Yes, I think it's time for me to attend multiple retreats-3 days at least, where I can bring my machine and focus, focus, focus. I think I'll try to do just that this spring.

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