Friday, November 13, 2009

Part VI-UFO with my Grandmother

My grandmother and I made many quilts together. Mainly, towards the later golden years for her. She didn't like cutting, and being from the greatest generation, she only liking making scrap quilts. So I would cut 4 inch squares for her. In her senior living apartment, she would sewing the 4 inch scraps into full size bed quilts faster than I could quilt them. Needless to say, everyone of the great grandchildren got a quilt with the super bright squares. There were so many quilts that I was able to make 2 extras for my daughter's girlfriends when they graduated from college.

This is a fussy cut shoo fly quilt block pattern. It needs to be made larger, maybe into a lap quilt. I've, once again, used the green, I guess I'm famous for using in my quilt group. It might seem bright now, but in a hundred years it will mellow into something amazing-I wish I could be here to see it!

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