Thursday, August 27, 2009

Santa Fe on our way home

Bringing children to their future homesites has it's perks. That being we get to visit all these areas we pass through. New Mexico is a beautiful state, Albuquerque is lovely but, Santa Fe is one of the crown jewels in the art world. Besides contemporary art works, they do the best job in preserving the history of there architecture and Indian/Mexican heritage.

Chelsea really didn't need us to help her move, but, we thought she did or rather wanted to believe she needed us, cause this nest thing is so hard. We left her in her new home and got a hotel in Santa Fe and explored around there for 3 days. If you can get used to the dryness, it is the most beautiful city.

First of all food. We plan our outings around this guy's recommendations. He's on the Food Channel's Diners Drivins and Dives show. You should watch it, it's very entertaining and when Guy says "that's money", then you know it's something good to eat. He has a map of all the places he's been and we tried out most all of them in New Mexico and weren't disappointed. Our favorite place was Backroad's Pizza. It's all about the green chilly peppers there and this pizza had those and a cornmeal crust that was "money", according to Guy.

Is there anything more beautiful and an old preserved spanish mission? This is one connect to the La Fonda Hotel with a beautiful staircase.

Our Lady of Guadeloupe is everywhere and this quilt was beautiful. Pictures never capture the true beauty of a quilt and I was never so tempted to buy a quilt someone else made as I was to buy this one. It hung in one of the 3 D's restaurant's recommended and I felt a bit guilty taking a picture, but, it was so beautiful. I would never copy it, but, if anyone wants to buy it, it's at Harry's Roadhouse in Santa Fe.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

That is the Loretto Chapel with its miracle staircase. Some believe that St. Joseph himself built the staircase. It is beautiful! Cheers! Evelyn

Eating The Road said...

Man I did not care for Backroad Pizza:


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