Friday, August 28, 2009

Sant Fe with our daugher, Chelsea

Bob, my husband, drove 2 days with a trailer full of furniture from Kentucky. Chelsea and I drove 2 days from Menlo Park with all her intern living things, we met "half way" and got her settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then she ditched us, as children of the older nest variety are want to do.

After giving her a breather from us, she chose to meet up with us in beautiful Santa Fe. Our Rock Girl is interested in meteorites and wouldn't you know there was a rock hound with a shop in town. This is a meteorite that was found by some freinds of the owner of this shop. If you like gems and fossils you will like this place.

Traveling on to Canyon Road, where most of the galleries for the very expensive artwork can be found, of course I was drawn to this particular sculpture, yes, it's been painted with some very durable paint. It's been for sale for 5 years and they want a little under 200k for it.

You can't go to Santa Fe without seeing the Palace of the Governers and the Indians that come to display their wares. Chelsea got the best deal she's wearing the necklace she bought. Bob bought something for me, I'll show it later.

You know when you see Aspens you are really high up and Santa Fe has a skiing area.

Also, I'm always struck by how difficult it must have been to blaze these trails. This is a sculpture of what things were really like when people traveled with a cargo loaded buckboard. You will notice there is no seat for the driver to sit in. He was riding on the last mule and had the reins of all the horses in his hands. This sculpture can be found on Museam Hill in Santa Fe.

Obligitory beautiful words can't say, Spanish Mission.

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Ah-ha! Don't worry - Chelsea will be your very best friend when she wants to move again!!! It is all part of life's great, big adventure! Times were hard for the settlers - last winter my son and I read a good portion of the Laura Ingall's series, the moving, the poverty, the famine - such times! Oh - and meteorites - my Dad is a big meteorite hound. We often find chunks on Cape Cod beaches after the falling star showers of August. Once I bought him a brand new microwave and within a week the big round plate inside had broken. When I questioned him - he admitted that he had put a meteorite in it "to see what would happen"! Oh dear! I will never forget that! Not only do I have a Little Boy (age 6), but I also have a Dad! They are definately related. Cheers! Evelyn


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